The Internet Is In A Mixed ‘Agenda’ UPROAR Over Dwayne Wade’s Trans-Daughter Zion/Zaya New Tiffany Ad Campaign! (Many Say Innapropriate To Target Children)

By | September 18, 2022

The internet is in a mixed ‘Agenda’ UPROAR over Dwayne Wade’s trans-daughter Zion/Zaya’s new Tiffany ad campaign and people are saying that it’s inappropriate to target children.

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya Wade is only 15 and she’s already on the road to becoming a very successful social media personality and the face of many prestigious and luxurious brands.

Most recently, Zaya, born Zion Wade, promoted one of the most expensive brands Tiffany & Co. The 15-year-old old also unveiled her new look with long straight locks and she looked absolutely stunning.

But Zaya’s new journey is still not okay with a lot of people and many are accusing Hollywood of using her to push trans agenda.

Stay with us for all the DETAILS!

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