NeYo Allegedly Spending $$$ On His 3 Mistresses … While Kicking Wife Crystal Renay & Kids Out Of Home Amidst Alimony & Custody Battle!

By | September 9, 2022

NeYo allegedly spending $$$ on his 3 mistresses while kicking wife Crystal Renay & kids out of their home amidst alimony & custody battle!

R&B singer Ne-Yo’s divorce situation with Crystal Renay is getting messier.

The 42-year-old singer is reportedly nickel-and-diming the mother of his three children while he is allegedly spending thousands of dollars on his 3 mistresses.

It’s being reported that it was one of his mistresses who became the reason for his divorce from Crystal Renay. While not providing proper child and spousal support, Ne-Yo is also accusing Renay of not being an equal contributing member financially during their marriage.

Stay with us for all the details!

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